Plastic surgery

This name of the clip is Korea plastic surgery before and after, Let me in season 4 Eng sub about plastic surgery on Let me in Korean TV shows. Bae So Young had severely protruded mouth, eyes appear sunken and ugly tattoos. Park Sang Hoon explain the steps to change her appearance is her protruded mouth were severe and obvious. Through orthognathic surgery, they put  the protruded mouth back, after cheekbone reduction. About her eyes, Seo Young Tae said her eyes appear sunken and withdrawn, so they don’t open more than half way. Seo Young Tae tried to make big, glistening, bright eyes. The flat, low nose is balanced with the face more feminine appeal. After 45 days surgery, Kim Min Ju helps to remove the tattoos covering the body. The total cost is 62.19 million Korea won for the whole plastic surgery by ID hospital Korea plastic surgery. Cr.


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